“Deep Learning” is an advanced computational learning strategy concerned with techniques and methodologies inspired by the function of the human brain. Deep Learning is a type of neural network whose usage has taken off over the past few years. Now, many scientific and industrial disciplines use this approach to discover hidden patterns and facts from massive and diverse data sources. Deep Learning is very promising in a wide variety of applications ranging from object tagging and speech recognition to disease diagnosis and treatment.

This workshop presents deep learning from a computational perspective. The currently available state-of-the-art deep learning components are introduced, deep learning strategies (both what they do and how they work) are elaborated and some real world deep learning applications will be given. This 2-days jump start workshop is designed to introduce you to the skills needed to start your journey as a deep learning developer. This workshop is designed in a series of hands-on and cutting-edge development in this field, and it is targeted for developers and data scientists who are looking to build AI powered solutions in real-world applications.

28-31 August

Prospective Audience

All engineers in different disciplines, especially computer, electrical and mechanical engineers can easily follow the workshop. Senior engineering student at bachelor’s level can also follow the content. Masters and Ph.D. students and graduates who are willing to further expand their knowledge in applied robotics, and deep learning methods can mostly benefit from this jump start workshop. It is intended that the potential developers and data scientists who are looking to build AI powered solutions in robotics application get the most out of this workshop.

Tentative Program

Day One: 28. Aug. 2019

Items Subject Time Speaker Details
Robotics Research at K. N. Toosi University of Technology
1 Advanced Robotics and Automated Systems 15 Prof. Taghirad ARAS Research themes
2 Surgical Robotics 40 Prof. Taghirad
3 Parallel and Cable Robotics 40 Prof. Taghirad
Break 15
4 Dynamical Systems and Control 30 Prof. Taghirad
5 Autonomous Robotics 60 Dr. Norouzzadeh

Day Two: 29. Aug. 2019

Items Subject Time Speaker Details
Deep Learning on Autonomous Vehicles: Introduction and Preliminaries
1 Introduction to Self-Driving Cars 15 Dr.Norouzzadeh Introduction
to Theory and Preliminar-ies
2 Introduction to Computer Vision 15 Dr.Norouzzadeh
3 Introduction to Deep Learning 15 Dr.Norouzzadeh
4 Lane Line Detection 45 Dr.Norouzzadeh
Break 15
5 Advanced Lane Line Detection 60 Dr.Norouzzadeh
6 Algorithm Test in Challenging Environment 30 Dr.Norouzzadeh

Day Three: 30. Aug. 2019

Items Subject Time Speaker Details
Deep Learning on Autonomous Vehicles: Methods and Applications
1 Traffic Sign Classification 45 Dr.Norouzzadeh Hand-on Techniques
2 Autonomous Car Driving Simulator 40 Dr.Norouzzadeh
Break 15
5 Vehicle and Pedestrian Tracking 60 Dr.Norouzzadeh
6 Quadrotors & UGV: From Design to implementation 45 Prof. Taghirad Developed Robots at ARAS

Speakers Biographies

General Information

2019/08/28 05:22:38

Period: 28-31 August

Location: K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Eligibility: Graduated, Professors, …

Course Language: English

Organized by: Faculty of Electrical Engineering 

Organizing Partner

  • N. Toosi University of Technology
  • Office of vice-chancellor for Global Strategies and International affairs

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Phone: +98-21-88881003

Program Fee

 Registration:  300$


The fee includes:

  • educational courses
  • meals
  • accommodation in a hotel
  • flight costs
  • Trip to Qom
  • Airport pick-up
  • several social activities