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Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Requirements

Who’s eligible to apply to KNTU?

In order to be eligible for KNTU admission at Bachelor’s level, you must be obtained your high school and/or College degree. For admission to Masters’ (Ph.D.) degree you have to obtained your Bachelor’s (Master’s) degree from a verified university.

What are the entrance requirements for study at KNTU as an international student?

The entrance requirements are available here

Do I need to know Persian language?

Yes. Notice that except from our international programs all the courses are thought in Persian Language, Therefore, you should pass the SAMFA exam successfully to become eligible to register.

Who should write me a letter of recommendation?

Letters of Recommendation are highly significant documents in the application process, and you should invest in them as they can be quite influential in your admission. Individuals who have a good deal of knowledge regarding your abilities, personality, achievements and potentials, and with whom you have had a high level of interaction during your previous academic or professional career, may be suitable for writing your letters of recommendation. These individuals include previous professors and instructors, thesis/dissertation supervisors, dean of school/faculty etc.


How do I make an application to KNTU?

Applications can be submitted through e-mail. You may download the application form and send it with the required documents to international@kntu.ac.ir. We are opt to make the forms and submissions online shortly

Where can I get the application form?

Application form is available online. (link)

What is the admissions process?

The application process is described in the How Do I Apply?

After you have submitted your application with all the necessary supporting documents the admissions process will begin.

When should I start planning to apply to KNTU?

The starting dates of the university semesters are third week of September (First and main semester) and early February (Second semester). Submit your application as early as possible. Determine your suitable program, and complete application form at least three months ahead.

After you have submitted your application with all the necessary supporting documents the admissions process will begin.

What will happen after I submit my application?

In case you submit all the required documents, your application will be processed by two committees, and you will be informed of our decision in a period of two to eight weeks. In case there are missing documents in your application, this time will be extended until you send us all the required documents.

Some of my documents are not ready. Should I wait until I get them to send my application?

Please send the application forms with all the required supporting documents to avoid delays in the application process. Please notice that your application review will not be started until all the required documents are submitted.

Why has my application been denied?

KNTU accepts its students based on academic excellence and potential for academic and professional development. Therefore, factors such as relevance of your previous degree, previous academic records, professional capabilities etc. may be influential elements in the final decision regarding your application. The admission procedure is the responsibility of two committees. After your documents are evaluated and accepted in both two committees the final decision will be announced.

I order to check the admission requirements at KNTU, please click on Admission Requirements

I have applied for one major. Can I apply for another major?

You can send us a new Letter of Motivation requesting the change. There is no need to fill out the application form again from the beginning. In order to find more information about writing a letter of motivation, please visit: Admission Requirements 

How can I visit KNTU?

You may find some useful general information at our site. Most of our faculties are open to visitors during weekdays and at the weekends, and will allow you to visit the environment and the Labs. If there are any particular Faculty/Lab that you would like to visit during your stay in Tehran, we recommend you to contact them in advance to plan for the visit. Our office will assist you for such inquiries.

I am interested in coming to the university as a visiting student.

Some Faculties will consider applications from overseas students wishing to undertake a short course of undergraduate study at KNTU as a visiting student. If you are a postgraduate student, application procedures will vary depending on the Department or Faculty.

Tuition Fee & Financial Aids

How much is the tuition fee?

Tuition fee at KNTU varies between levels and certain majors. Follow the link below to find the tuition fee of your intended major and level :

Tuition Fees & Expenses

How and when should I pay tuition fee?

Students are required to pay the annual tuition fees in IRR, through banking system and at the time of registration. Please note that credit cards are not accepted in Iran for money transfer.

What scholarship opportunities are available to study at KNTU?

Please refer to the updated information on the site (funding and scholarships)

After Being Admitted

Do I need a visa to study at KNTU?

Yes, for non-Iranian citizens, you need a visa before you enter to your program.

How and when do I apply for a visa?

For information on applying from outside of Iran visit visa link

What documentation do I need to submit as part of my visa application?

The required information is updated on the site.

How much time do I have for accepting or declining an admission offer?

Your letter of acceptance is valid for one year. Please bear in mind that it takes about 6-8 weeks to process your entry Visa. Our fall semester starts late September, and the spring semester stars early February.

We need your timely response to process your visa. Please follow the link below to receive and fill out your Visa Study Form: Visa Study Form

How do I accept the offer of admission?

In order to accept our offer of admission, reply to us and attach a completed Visa Study Form. In order to receive and complete the form, visit our site.

What should I do when I receive my visa Number?

Once you receive your visa number, you need to collect your visa. In order to do so, together with your passport and your visa number, visit the Iranian embassy/consulate which you mentioned in your Visa Study Form.

What should I do when I get to the airport in Tehran?

You may ask for our buddy program 10 days prior to your arrival. We will schedule for a representative to greet you at the airport in Tehran.

Where am I supposed to go for registration?

Students’ registration process takes place in the office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, at the following address:

2nd Floor, 470 Mirdamad Ave. west, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98 21) 8888 1003

(+98 21) 8406 4240

Fax: (+98 21) 8406 4244

What are the required documents for registration?

The documents you need to bring with you for registration are:

  1. Original passport;
  2. Two copies of the main pages of your passport;
  3. Original documents of your previous degrees; and,
  4. Two copies of your previous degrees and their official transcripts (If not in English/Persian).

Please note that all documents need to be officially approved (signed and verified) by the institution which has issued the degree and the Ministry of Education of your country.