There is a variety of national and international funding available for the faculty members or students to support their international activities. KNTU has a long history of collaboration with several funding agencies, their supports range from short term student and faculty exchange programs to comprehensive support of multilateral research projects. Faculty members and graduate students are strongly encouraged to have a look at the following opportunities and find their appropriate program.

Funding Agencies

The main objective of Iranian National Elite Foundation is to support and foster scientific activities of elite students, researchers and faculty members around the country. In this regard, the support of the foundation has been presented in a diverse way by addressing all elite communities in different fields including science, technology, life science and art. There are several prizes and grants supported by the foundation including R&D funds for Young Assistant/Associate (Dr. Kazemi Ashtiani Award).


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The Office of International Affairs of the Foundation supports visiting and collaboration of non-residing Iranian scientists, researchers and specialists. Iranian scientists or researchers, who work abroad are strongly encouraged to apply for short visit grants or research grants in order to establish collaboration with KNTU faculty members. For further information please contact


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The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD  is the largest German support organization in the field of international academic co-operation. The DAAD itself does not offer programs of study or courses, but awards competitive, merit-based grants for use toward study and/or research in Germany. With an annual budget of nearly 400 million Euros is in fact the largest academic grant organization worldwide. In 2007 DAAD established a regional office in Tehran to intensify his activity in Iran. The DAAD funds are mainly focused on student, researcher and faculty exchange. These funds include short term and long term visits as well as support for international work-shops and conferences. For more details contact


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Erasmus+ is the EU’s program to support education and training in Europe. Erasmus+ doesn’t just have opportunities for students but it also supports staffs and faculty members to gain experiences abroad. Although it is an EU program, EU partner countries (including Iran) can also participate in Erasmus+ program via an EU partner institution. KNTU has already a collaboration program with Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) in the framework of Erasmus+. For more information please contact


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The DFG is the self-governing organization for science and research in Germany. Its membership consists of German research universities, non-university research institutions, scientific associations and the Academies of Science and the Humanities. All DFG funding programs are open to international project collaboration. The DFG maintains relationships with a wide range of partner organizations, particularly in Iran with MSRT and INSF.

Joint funding programs and agreements with MSRT and INSF enable Iranian researcher to participate in cutting edge research with German partners. KNTU faculties have already running project with German universities funded by DFG.


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Alexander von Humboldt foundation promotes academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from abroad and from Germany. Research fellowship and research award programs allow the researchers to travel to Germany and work on a research project with the host collaborative partners in German universities and research institutions. Several KNTU faculties have been awarded by Av.H foundation and became a Humboldtian. The representative and ambassador of Av.H foundation in Iran is Prof. S. Balalaei, a faculty member of KNTU at the department of chemistry.

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Funding By Partner Countries

The historical partnership between Iran and Switzerland is characterized by reliability and durability. Recently two countries have released the roadmap of Tehran-Bern long-term relations in mutual, regional, and multilateral fields, which encompasses cooperation in science, research and technology. Within this framework, The Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) has commissioned ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences as Leading House for the bilateral research collaboration with partner institutions in south Asia including I. R. Iran. In recent years ZWAH organizes and publishes calls for mobility grants, targeting young talented scientist from both sides, to integrate in international R&D.

To download the latest call for mobility grants application form use this link. For more information please contact Swiss Desk at Isfahan University of Technology or email us


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KNUT has a long history of collaboration with universities in France. Dual degree programs in bioelectrical engineering and material science along with several research collaborations and co-supervised Ph.D. students show the strong ties between KNTU and French universities. The researcher who interested in initiating or extending collaboration with universities in France are encouraged to apply for Gundishapur program organized by Center for International Scientific Studies and Collaboration (CISSC). Young Faculty members can also apply for PostDocs scholarships announced by the France embassy in Tehran.