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K. N. Toosi University of Technology is offering you the practical experience in real work environment in order to enhance your technical and professional development. After your high quality program you have the chance to discover the mysteries of Tehran City in the evenings!


Geomatics-Assisted Potentials and Applications for Multilateral and Regional Cooperation

The Middle East and the Central Asia have been long recognized as the cradle of civilization and are amongst the main international hubs of energy, transport and agriculture. Despite some historical conflicts of interests, there are certainly numerous common grounds that strongly link the inhabitants of the region, and can made up fundaments for stronger future collaborations. The existence of all these common grounds followed by various climatic, hydrologic and cultural communalities is an undisputable fact that will lead to a common destiny for the entire region, and thus entails multilateral engagements and cooperation amongst all countries on inter-governmental, institutional and university levels. Furthermore, the region has been largely affected by climate change-induced disastrous phenomena like droughts, deforestation (or de-vegetation), dust storms and agricultural pest outbreaks, which have become more widespread, prolonged and frequent during the last decades all over region

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NanoMaterials” are nanoscale materials that can be defined as a set of substances whose at least one dimension is less than approximately 100 nanometers. A nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter – approximately 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Nanomaterials are of interest because at this size scale, their unique optical, magnetic, electrical, mechanical and other properties emerge. These emergent properties have the potential for great impacts in electronics, medicine, and other fields. This workshop presents an introduction to Nanomaterials from synthesis to properties and their applications. In addition, the methods which can be used to characterize the Nanomaterials will be introduced in both microscopy- and X-ray-based techniques. The session on “Nano Surface Science” covers a wide range of scientific and engineering issues and topics. The focus is on

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Deep learning in Robotics

“Deep Learning” is an advanced computational learning strategy concerned with techniques and methodologies inspired by the function of the human brain. Deep Learning is a type of neural network whose usage has taken off over the past few years. Now, many scientific and industrial disciplines use this approach to discover hidden patterns and facts from massive and diverse data sources. Deep Learning is very promising in a wide variety of applications ranging from object tagging and speech recognition to disease diagnosis and treatment. This workshop presents deep learning from a computational perspective. The currently available state-of-the-art deep learning components are introduced, deep learning strategies

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