09Nov, 2020

A Sustainable Desalination Approach by Membrane Distillation

Faculty of new science and technology and international scientific collaborations office  of semnan university  holds "A Sustainable Desalination Approach by Membrane Distillation" webinar on November 19, 2020. The speakers are from RMIT university in Australia. The webinar link is http://vc7.Semnan.ac.ir/Newtech
02Nov, 2020

Better Future by Chemistry Webinar

K.N.T. University of Technology, Wenzhou university, Sun Yat-Sen university and Chong Qing university holds the first webinar of better future by chemistry on November 17, 2020 . The speakers will discuss about the novel approaches for the synthesis of hetero …
20Oct, 2020

Russian language course

K.N. Toosi University of Technology and ROSNOU university of Russia holds  joint Russian language program in K.N.T.U. and ROSNOU. The first semester is in KNTU on Oct-Jan and second semester in ROSNOU on Feb-Jun. For further information please tell to …