K. N. Toosi University of Technology  offers a large range of sport and fitness facilities, programs and events to keep you healthy and active. You can get involved in athletics, swimming, volleyball, football, ping-pong and more. The sport facilities in and around the University provide discounted rates for students, making it easy for you to stay on top of your game and in good shape.

Sport & Fitness Facilities

FSC Sports Centre

  • Recently refurbished double indoor sports hall
  • Air-conditioned fitness suite with free-weights area
  • Standard indoor Football stadium (26 by 20 meters)
  • Standard indoor taekwondo dojang and wrestling field (18 by 11 meters)

FAE Sport Center

  • Large air-conditioned fitness suite and free-weights area
  • Recently built double indoor sports hall
  • A 60 by 22 meters’ football pitch

FME Sport Center:

Recently refurbished Table Tennis and free-weights area (20 by 10 meters)

FCE Sport Center: 
Recently refurbished multipurpose outdoor sports fields including a Standard artificial grass football pitch

FEE Sport Center:
Recently refurbished multipurpose outdoor sports fields including a standard basketball field, a standard volleyball field, a standard badminton field and a standard artificial grass football pitch